Our Athens

walk 3 mins

Monastiraki & Plaka

Plaka and Monastiraki, the most famous areas of Athens, thrill with their picturesque corners while giving history lessons. The alleys of Plaka that reach the rock of the Acropolis, the island's neighbourhood of Anafiotika, flowering bougainvillaeas, taverns and tourist shops create the ultimate setting for endless strolls.

And Monastiraki is perfect for strolling through countless small shops and retailers' benches. The traffic peaks every Sunday when the big outdoor market set up here.


Another Athens neighbourhood whose history dates takes you back to antiquity. It took its present name from the temple of Hephaestus, which was long mistakenly believed to dedicate to Theseus. The beautiful neoclassical and the tram lines erased on the cobblestone floor give a nostalgic atmosphere to old Athens in the neighbourhood loved by Athenians and visitors alike.

walk 8 mins
walk 15 mins

Syntagma & Evzones

Just in front of the building of the Hellenic Parliament is the Monument to the Unknown Soldier. It was built in 1929-1930 and dedicated to all those who lost their lives fighting for Greece. The Monument is guarded by the Presidential Guard (Evzones), who wears the traditional 19th-century costume, with typical skirts and tuxedos.


Ermou Street, which runs from Syntagma Square, is intertwined with the heart of commercial traffic and rightly bears the name of the god Hermes, patron of commerce. It is one of the first streets to be carved in Athens. The church of Kapnikarea, which today harmoniously incorporated into the pedestrian street, is part of old Athens. Every day it is full of life and offers walking and shopping in its many shops.

walk 5 mins


Athens holds modern-day archaeological treasures of world-wide importance in museums and cultural sites that feature its unique identity.

ACROPOLIS MUSEUM (20 mins by walking) - An archaeological museum focused on the findings of the archaeological site of the Acropolis of Athens.

BENAKI MUSEUM (20 mins by walking) - Museum of Art and History.

NATIONAL HISTORICAL MUSEUM (20 - 25 mins by walking) - History of modern Hellenism, from the Conquest of Constantinople to World War II