About Us

We are two young people in their 30 who were born and educated in Greece.Chris has studied business administration and has finished his Master in marketing and public relations.Vivi has studied legal sciences and beyond the active law carreer , has a passion for arts, literature and culture.

The Vision

Christos and Vivi had a common vision: they wanted to create a Center of Hellenic Hospitality. With inspiration from ancient Athens and the hellenic hospitality standards since the era of Xenios Zeus until today, the House of Hellenic Hospitality could not be located elsewhere than on the altar of ancient Greece , which is the historical center of Athens at Acropolis foothills.

The Company’s position

In the Monastiraki neighbourhood, at Aiolou Street (Aeolus windy road) leading to Plaka area and the sacred rock of the Parthenon, we found the perfect location to succeed in our idea. On this road where once flourished in Athens commercial life, and famed for fabrics and cashmere, today has become pedestrianized and is always full of life, music, colors and fragrances. Small bars, picturesque cafes and taverns, restaurants serving cuisine from all parts of the world, create a multicultural scene!
In our opinion the location is ideal for guests who want to visit archaeological sites, for young people who want to experience the nightlife of Athens or for businessmen who move to Athens to work for a short period of time and need an apartment similar to their permanent status of life. Somewhere there, between Virgin Mary Church ( Chrisospiliotisis narrow road) and bell tower of St. Irene (St Irene famous Square) in a 5foor building since 1940, located at 750 meters from the main public transport station, HELLENIC HOSPITALITY HOUSE IKE was born in February 23, 2016 .

The Company

Our company is Private Capital Touristic – Advisory Company, whose main activity is the provision of short-stay accommodation services in Athens and throughout the Greek territory. Hellenic Hospitality House (H.H.H.) commenced operations on March 8, 2016 based at Aiolou 53 and soon took over the management of other owners’ property in famous tourist destinations of our Country.
The first accommodations were renovated and offered for short stay in the city of Athens on 5th and 4th floor in that building at Aiolou Str. 53. As hosts of these apartments Chris and Vivi welcome their guests in the reception area that is configured on the 5th floor, next to the old laundry room and staircase ( where you can admire painted mural of the sea ) leading to the terrace garden .
The 2 partners share the strong ambition to formulate soon the remaining floors of this building in appropriate way in order to create an independent boutique Hotel in the near future.

Our Hellenic Houses in Athens

The 3 apartments downtown are fully renovated and equipped with mechanical equipment, household items and high quality systems to host people who require comfortable accommodation with style , including relaxation and high quality of living .
• On 5th floor “ ZEUS “,was furnished by the partners from the very beginning with both minimalist furniture and wooden collectible antique and classic sconces-lighting in accordance with the aesthetics of the professional architect envisioned to refer to the style of old Athenian society. In the kitchen an arch was designed to lead to the local Greek products Celar. In the seating room you will be impressed by a porcelain stove in pure white ,the rustic ornate rotunda table and the stylish library in the corner . On the spacious terrace of the penthouse Xenios Zeus invites the guests to enjoy the views of the citadel , before getting some rest in the 2 comfortable bedrooms. Guests would appreciate for sure having a bathroom and a separate W.C. as well
• On the 4th floor “ ODYSSEY ”, the epic Odysseus of Homer invites you to enjoy the decor in the huge living room. Enjoy dinner under candle lighting with classic monastery style . A few meters away the 3 meters minimalist couch and 1 double bed surrounded by mosquito nets. Small balcony with undisturbed views of the Acropolis and Parthenon, functional kitchen , bar with stools and hidden lighting . During the route of epic “journey” the hallway leads the guests to the 45 m2 master bedroom ( 1 double and 1 single bed ), then a stylish bathroom and “at the end of the trip” the sauna awaits you for relaxation and wellness!
• Next door , the beauty Venus greets you at ” VENUS ” .It’s minimal style and functional interior design ,colors that relax and concealed lighting that create an atmosphere of romance, make this apartment suitable for friends, groups, businessmen who mingle in the living room with functional kitchen and colourful relaxing seating area .It is ideal for two couples who want to enjoy privacy in two separate fully equipped bedrooms, each with its own bathroom , closet ,desktop, chair and lock .

Our first Hellenic Houses in Greece

Hellenic Hospitality House (H.H.H) wanted “badly” to acquire blue color too!! Greek owners of mansions , cottages or luxury villas houses approached us and asked to entrust us to manage their property in order to accommodate successfully guests from all over the world. • As a start , H.H.H opened its doors to a Cycladic mansion house built in 12 acres of olive groves overlooking the Aegean Sea. This house on the island of Andros, based on a hill just 700 meters above the KOURTALI sandy beach (next to the famous FELLOS bay) was revamped and equipped in accordance with the Company’s specifications and requirements. So, now “HHH in Andros ”, awaits to welcome its guests in the spacious living room with indoor fireplace and sunny kitchen and relax in their spacious 3 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms(included zacuzzi).Sun, Sea, Greek countryside and Mediterranean garden, agritourism in a huge area where the guests -during their wandering around- can discover the little church, the well, the built bbq area and natural sources of crystal running water!
• Afterwards , the owners of a villa in Porto Heli entrusted us and now this is a Hellenic House having its own white linens and big towels, personal hygiene professional ,a standard hotel swimming pool with crystal clear waters included pool loungers ,diving board, outdoor shower,floating orange lifejackets and all kinds prescribed for the guests safety. Having already all necessary amenities and 3 bedrooms fully equipped invites now the visitors of H.H.H in Peloponnese.Green area, just a stroll away from the “pristine” beach which is a shelter for the famous sea turtle Caretta-Caretta.Located in an area convinient to arrange excursions either by boat to the nearby islands of Spetses and Hydra or by transfer to Epidauros or Delphoi , is definitely a destination for families and large groups, ideal for families with children. Parents guests can enjoy carefree vacation while the kids play in the fenced area of 4.5 acres with tennis , volleyball, basketball, football court. They can also enjoy built bbq, swings and infinite expanse of manicured lawn and palm trees!
At the moment ,H.H.H prepares another 4 accommodations in Mykonos, Tinos, Paros and Porto Heli in order to become part of our team as Hellenic Houses which fully meet the requirements of our customers, as they are formed day after day.

H.H.H - Our philosophy

This company came out as a result of the love for our country motivated by the innate need of the Greeks to accommodate and pamper their guests in their House : the real meaning of hellenic hospitality (greek filoxenia). We really like to meet people around the world and suggest them to meet the beauty of our country through our knowledge and sense of living .
Our philosophy is that during the short stay, there isn’t just a need to cover , but an opportunity to live as a local enjoying quality of life. We need to offer our guests high quality accommodation: not only a shelter to spend the night, but a home to live in and enjoy their stay.
Our culture is to offer hospitality and high quality accommodation anywhere in the Greek territory. The Greece consists of many tourist paradises, both popular and unexplored. According to our strong belief : every Greek home is potentially a Hellenic House, which with proper guidance , configuration and technical support is likely to accommodate and host satisfied tourists and generally people , who come to stay with us for a while for business or other personal reasons .

H.H.H – Goals

Our goal is primarily to provide to our clients short-stay accommodation which meet certain basic requirements in order to offer:
• comfortable overnight stay
• easy access to their purpose
• quality living
We seek to assist the people who come to our country from all parts of the world, either as tourists or as people coming to be a part of the social and business fabric of the country for a short period by our providing hosting services.
Our ultimate goal is to provide in the future more and more services that will make the short stay of our guests unforgettable.
We aspire to obtain stable, satisfied and smiling clients!

Welcome to prospective customers

You are all welcome at the House of Hellenic Hospitality!
No matter your age, your sex, your nationality . Either you travel and come for a short while
• for vacation and relaxation
• for vacation and entertainment
• to visit archaeological places ,museums and do sightseeing
• to experience the history and culture of our country
• to work, study , do business
We remain at your disposal to assist you to stay comfortable and give you all necessary informations needed to undistracted achieve any of your personal goals or ambitions during your stay in Greece!

Interest request for cooperation with H.H.H.

• Are you a property owner in Greece ?
• Are you interested in hosting guests ?
• Would you like to watch your property presented professionally and your house delivered as a hellenic house over the Internet through all known online booking sites?
Our company is at your disposal. We can give you the necessary guidance and expertise and manage your property legally , through properly display in our customer base and to all potential visitors.
We will also can assist you to host satisfied guests all over the world !
We wait you for a cooperation according to greek law with mutual benefits for both sides .

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